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Who are they? And how did they achieve their success? Whether luck, hard-work, or fame these women climbed to the top and have stayed there. Read about these fashionista success stories…

Calling It Like She Sees It
Writer Suzy Menkes is the eyes and ears, but mostly, words of fashion. Mekes is a British journalist and well-respected fashion critic. It all started when she moved to Paris in the 60s and her LANDLORD (say what?!) got her into her first couture show to see Nina Ricci, French fashion designer’s collection. That was the start of her love affair with fashion.

Suzy Menkes is the best fashion editor in the world for a reason, because she has an honest and passionate way of calling it like she sees it. Her success has grown and Menkes has been critiquing fashion for over 25 years! She is now solely writing for Vogue and reviews and comments on fashion worldwide for 19 Vogue websites. To say this is a woman in business to look up to is an understatement.

Stellar Stella
Stella McCartney is an English fashion designer and (drum roll please) daughter of Sir Paul McCartney from the Beatles. She sure is following in his famous footsteps, not to his fame status but there is still time, by racking up 2.4 million followers on instagram.​ ​

McCartney was raised travelling the world with her parents and siblings. (Not a bad way to grow up, am I right?) However, even with all the fame and money, her parents still put her in public school to give the kids a little dose of reality and bring them back to earth. She attended school in East Sussex and admits to being bullied and bullying in school. ​

She later interned for Christian Lacroix and then studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design where her collection was modeled by Naomi Campbell, Yasmin Le Bon, and Kate Moss!!! Woah! The entire collection sold to Tokyo and became the cover of the front page news! What an amazing beginning! From then on her pieces were sold in stores and her success grew but she has kept her values in tact by not using animal products, since she is an avid vegetarian. Now, McCartney has her own fashion house, shows collections around the globe, has her own perfume line and skincare products, her own lingerie line, a kid’s fashion collection, and is valued and respected by the fashion community.

Run Towards Your Dreams
What is a genetic lottery? German and Brazilian apparently. Model Gisele Bündchen has German ancestors but was raised in Brazil with five sisters before moving to London to pursue her dreams. But like most, your dreams aren’t just handed to you. Bündchen auditioned for 42! Yes, 42 shows before landing her spot at Alexander McQueen’s spring ’98 runway show. After she got her foot in the door, or more so her “Body” as Alexander McQueen calls her, she went on to be the cover of British Vogue and then did 10 covers in less than 4 years after that! I guess those 42 auditions were worth it. Her success has blossomed and she is known worldwide as “natural beauty and modern femininity” as Chanel puts it. Racking up over 1,200 magazine covers, more than 450 editorials, and about 500 fashion shows so far at the age of 35, her hard work has paid off for sure. And I am positive she is not done yet.

Heir to the Louis Vuitton Throne
In September 2013, biz woman Delphine Arnault became Executive Vice President of Louis Vuitton Malletier at LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA. Previous to that Arnault was Deputy General Manager of Christian Dior Couture from 2008 to 2013. She is also an Independent Director at Twenty-First Century Fox, as well as working at/with Loewe SA, Emilio Pucci Srl, Les Echos, Château Cheval Blanc and Céline. Even though her father is Bernard Arnault, one of the most influential and richest men, she still stepped up to the plate to take on the responsibility and work ethic by controlling the future of the greatest luxury brand in the world. It is definitely not just play time but a huge burden to carry such a successful and polished brand. Everyone has agreed that Delphine Arnault was the perfect person to take on the responsibility through both her impressive determination and the lifestyle she grew up in.


Five morning rituals that successful women live by

First Dibs…

First Dibs
Drink Up
Before you get out of bed, yes, before, gulp down half to a liter of water. The water acts to cleanse the system according to the principles of ayurveda. To really fire up the metabolism, have a tall glass of warm honey lemon water thereafter.

Take advantage of the peace and quiet in the morning by incorporating a meditative practice. Sit in a cross-legged position or on a chair, close your eyes gently and breathe in and out with awareness. Push away incoming thoughts while concentrating on the breath. A daily practice of ten minutes promises to keep stress at bay.

Where will you find CEOs first thing in the mornings? At the gym or on a yoga mat. Exercise gets the juices flowing throughout the body and wakes up the mind. Sweating it out not only gives the complexion an illustrious glow, it also rids the body of toxin buildup from the day before.

‘Me’ Time
Take time to look after yourself. Set up an indulgent morning ritual such as dry brushing, having a warm mug of hot chocolate or taking time to doll up, do something that makes you feel utterly pampered. Now that you’ve taken care of you, then you’ll have the means to take on the rest of the world.

Check Your Schedule
Turn on your email, look through your to-do list, delegate accordingly. Once you’ve wrapped your mind around what to expect for the rest of the day, you’re mentally prepared for what’s ahead.

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Confidence in a Bigger Size

Snguon Lopez is changing the fashion scene in…

Snguon Lopez is changing the fashion scene in Cambodia. Lopez is putting body shaming to rest and the notion that a bigger body can’t be sexy. The search for stylish plus-size clothing is a struggle in Cambodia with petite body types being idealized. Lopez is using her recourses to make a change in the fashion industry in Cambodia by adding a variety of fashionable looks for women with a little extra to hold on to. Find out how Snguon Lopez is starting ‘Fat Story’ her plus-size clothing store in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Hi Snguon, how did you come up for the idea for Fat Story?
SL: The idea for opening Fat Story is because I thought about girls in Cambodia and even a few foreigners, it is hard to find plus size fashion. So when I went to Thailand and saw plus size people and the many options for plus size fashion, I wanted to bring those opportunities to Cambodia. I want women here to be able to find clothes to be confident in, and in turn be more confident in themselves.

Is it going to be an online store or a walk-in store?
SL: First step is to go online and then the next step, if we have a lot of customers, is to open a small shop.

When are you thinking about opening Fat Story?
SL: Right now, I am concerned with how the public is reacting. I want to see how many girls are interested, and then see if this is something that I can expand. So at the moment I’m looking at the demographic and interest to then move forward from there. If I see positive feedback, I will look into the percentage of women who want plus-size fashion in Cambodia and go from there.

Who is choosing the style and designing the clothes?
SL: At the beginning we will import clothes from Thailand. In the future if the business increases, we will want to work with a designer for original pieces to have in the showroom.

What has been one of the biggest struggles or hurdles so far in this process of starting a business?
SL: Just a few problems with importing fashion, but other than that it has been going really well. We have made connections with stores in Thailand and some have given special discounts because they are supportive of what I am starting and want to be a part of it.

Will the store only hold larger sizes or smaller sizes as well?
SL: Yes, fat story will only hold plus size clothing; large and up.

I know a lot of Khmer women who have been looking for something like this and are eager to see it in Cambodia, what kind of feedback have you gotten so far?
SL: After posting it on Facebook, I have already received customers interested in prices and the style of the clothes. People have been sending private messages saying they are ashamed of their weight and are intrigued by what we are doing and what clothes we have to offer. It’s also more than just clothes; it’s about having a positive environment where women can feel happy and confident. Plus size women are sexy too!

What is your dream? What would you like to see this evolve into?
SL: In the future, I want this to encourage plus size people to not be ashamed anymore to attend the party, birthday party, or wedding; to go out and be happy! I want them to know they look good and to in turn feel good within.

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8 Great Traits to Get You Far in Life

These seven useful traits are what make up a successful woman in the…

These seven useful traits are what make up a successful woman in the workplace and in a relationship.

1.​ ​Be Completely Self Reliant
A woman who can take care of herself and does depend on everyone around her is a wonderful trait. It is okay to be taken care of and you should be able to allow yourself to be vulnerable, but also know that if needed you can do it your own, whether standing up for yourself, learning a new skill, or even just going to an event by yourself and holding your own. The ability to do things and accomplish them on your own is a trait that will carry you very far in life.

2.​ ​Be Ambitious
Dream big and run for them! You may not accomplishment exactly what you set out for but you can grow and learn along the way and may even run into something better. If you are running towards what you love and setting high standards it makes life more exciting and challenging, but also more rewarding. And who knows, you might just get to the dream after all, then it’s time to try a new challenge.​ ​

3.​ ​Know what you Want
A lot of people stumble around unhappy but never really making goals or deciding even on the simplest of things. Life is short, focus on what you want and let people know or make start trying to attain those wants with hard work. You may want and desire something that ends up being a mistake or it could be glorious but you’ll never know till you take the risk. Don’t worry about as much about what others tell you you want, because in the end it’s your life. Definitely be open to their opinions but go for the life you want, not the life and dreams you’re told to have.

4.​ ​Be Loyal
A loyal and trustworthy partner, friend, coworker is valued highly. If people know they can trust you, then you will be a major asset in your workplace or a closer friend or lover. Loyalty doesn’t always mean being a puppy dog and taking in all secrets like a vault and being a wall for others to talk to. Be careful you aren’t abused for your loyalty, but make sure you are respected and trusted rather than walked all over and talked at like you’re now their free therapist. ​

5.​ ​Do not be afraid to speak your mind
If you see someone hurt or racist or misogynistic comments that you disagree with, speak up. It is important though to be aware of your tone and the way you do speak up because you don’t want to yell or your voice be undermined, so say something calmly like, “I actually disagree and think….” Yes, this may hurt how you are seen or you may be more valued, but none-the-less speaking up for something you believe in is worth it, because life is too short to watch people bully others while you stand on the sidelines. Sometimes doing nothing says you think it is okay.


6.​ ​Be Intelligent
Think logically about your actions and voice. Whether you are making a fast-pace decision or thinking long term in to the future, be logical and rational about what could possibly happen. Use your intelligence of common sense and book-smarts throughout the day. Being impulsive isn’t a bad thing, but you can be intelligent and impulsive, so make sure and have a quick think before rash decisions or arguments.

7.​ ​Be Confident
The less talented person can be taken more serious if they have a vibrant confidence about them, and the shy but extremely more skilled individual could be overlooked with a shy and demure persona. The same can also be said for men being more attracted to the woman confident in herself. Confidence is not just a quality you are born with but a strength of mind and belief in yourself. ​

8.​ ​Genuinely Care about Others
One of the best qualities in the whole world is being able to put others before you. This selfless act shows love, care, strength, courage, etc. The world becomes a better place when even one person cares for another. This trait is admired in relationships, the workplace, in humanity, etc. Care for others, everyone has their own story with their own struggles they face everyday and a simple act of love is contagious.

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