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Striving for perfection does sound demanding, but the rewards we reap are comforting to say the least.  In the course of our work, we have learnt that there really isn’t such a thing as appropriateness when it comes to reporting and sharing trends, fashions and all things a woman needs to know.  Factually, nothing is ever inappropriate.

Spotted from as far back as in the thirties, Leopard print is once again dotting as the season’s most powerful trend alongside Chinoiserie patterns.  Check them out on ‘In trend’.

They say that old habits die hard.  Well, although we don’t totally agree, we can’t help it but understand that it is sometimes a lot easier to slip into something comfortable and not be too overly concerned about being formal.  We don’t encourage sloppiness for sure, but as long as a lady maintains her appeal, being comfortable is important. After all, fashion is about comfort and feeling good.  You’ll see what I mean in Fashion Spread.

For this issue, we caught up with the seductive Kagermaiya (Maiya) and got some interesting insights to share with you.  You may already know that Maiya has German blood, but she is 100% a Cambodian sweetie.   We have more about her for you in this issue.

Well ladies, I wish to also apologise for the late delivery of this issue due to some uncertainties that we had finally settled.  Please be assured that moving forward you will be receiving your copy of Ladies Magazine regularly as before.


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