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Gucci is an enormously famous, luxurious Italian fashion brand which was founded by Guccio Gucci in the early 1920’s. Guccio Gucci, an exceptional and successful businessman was a son of an Italian merchant and fashion designer who ran The House of Gucci. Guccio Gucci used his brilliant business skills and became significantly popular for his high-quality craftsmanship and leather goods.

Guccio Gucci began his tremendous journey with its range of luxury luggage bags which deeply fascinated the well-off people of those times. Consequently, he added variety of other fashion accessories in his diverse range of leather goods and became extremely successful.

Kering, a French company manages Gucci with its headquarter in Paris. They offer a diversified portfolio of influential extravagant items, sports, and lifestyle brands. Currently, Gucci stores are present all around the globe and offers high-quality branded stuff including designer wear, bags, shoes, jewelry and watches, perfumes, makeup and other beauty products, and the list goes on and on.

Remarkably, Gucci is ranked the 38th most valuable brand having a brand value of worth $12.4 billion, mentioned in the Forbes World’s Most Valuable Brands list in the year 2015.

Visit the official website of Gucci for a fascinating trip through their deluxe range of products from their outstanding portfolio.

Christian Dior

The legendary French couturier named Christian Dior brought his brand into limelight on 16th December 1946 at 30 Avenue Montaigne Paris. After some time, in 1947, Dior portrayed his extraordinary skills by representing 90 different looks. From the establishment of this wonderful venture in Paris to its widespread expansion in several parts of the world, this remarkable label has always made its customers happy with its magical collection and brilliantly innovative approach to fashion.

Currently, this famous luxurious brand company is looked after by a French businessman named Bernard Arnault. Christian Dior is recognized for its traditional haute-couture approach. However, the company possess a diverse portfolio comprising of distinguished fashionable luxurious items for men and women, accessories, leather goods, footwear, jewelry, make up and beauty care products.

Dior also consists of a division known as Baby Dior especially designed for toddlers and children. Moreover, Dior is popular for creating an outstanding fragrance in the form of Miss Dior Perfume named after Dior’s sister, Catherine Dior, which eventually made the Dior perfumes famous globally.

The label, Dior has never lacked geniuses and had very well utilized the talents of Christian Dior himself, Yves Saint Laurent, and now John Galliano. No doubt, Dior has a huge fan following involving the names of famous superstars such as Madonna, Blake Lively, Brad Pitt, etc.

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Put Your Neck on the Line

Scarves are the go-to chilly weather accessory. Scarves can glam an outfit up or…

Scarves are the go-to chilly weather accessory. Scarves can glam an outfit up or make a fancy outfit look more casual, all depending on the look of the scarf and the way it’s worn.

Drop the out-dated scarf looks and get with the trends. Here are our top 5 favourite trendy scarf styles.

1.) Infinity Scarf

-Take a regular scarf and tie ends together
-The scarf should now be a giant circle
-Place scarf around neck (head through the circle)
-Make sure the knot is resting in the back
-Twist and layer scarf
-Make sure layering covers the knot in the back

2.) Scarf Choker
-Take a long scarf and loop it twice around your neck
-Tie the ends in a half knot
-Tuck the ends up under the scarf loops

3.) Shawl Y’all
-Put the scarf around shoulders like a shawl
-Make a half knot in the back with the ends
-Pull the ends tight and up high on your back
-Pull the scarf fabric down to cover the ends

4.) Bow- Beautiful
-Make one side of the scarf longer than the other (the bow will be created with the longer end)
-Make a loop hiding the end (make the loop in an upward motion not downward)
-Make a bow by holding in the middle
-Take the shorter part of the scarf and wrap around bow
-Bring the end of the shorter side of the scarf around the bow and through the middle
-Pull and tighten

5.) Wreath Twist
-Start with classic loop
-Begin twisting one end around existing loop
-Keep twisting till it ends at the middle front
-Make it symmetrical and do the same thing with other side

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Fashion Icons

Explore the lives of fashion icons this month. Read the back stories of …

Explore the lives of fashion icons this month. Read the back stories of struggle and success that got fashion moguls to where they are now.

Vogue Fashion: Over 100 years of Style by Decade and Designer
By Linda Watson
Vogue Fashion presents 250 top designers and trends that have influenced the fashion world. If you even slightly interested in fashion, you must pick a copy, since this is known to be a fashion bible for fashionistas.

Coco Chanel: A Life
By Justine Picardie
We all know Coco Chanel for inspiring and changing the fashion industry with classic and timeless looks, one being the “little black dress”. Anyone in the public eye is going to get scrutiny but this book focuses on the beauty Chanel has created and puts to rest the rumors and negativity.

By Diane von Furstenberg
Bow down to the incredible fashion mogul Diane von Furstenberg. She has evolved into a woman girls aspire to be. She lives the dream. Diane married a prince and created her own brand- her name. She created a fashion empire through hard work (and it doesn’t hurt to marry rich). She is strong and confident and her clothes are bold and playful, which is why she
has been so successful and her career has sky-rocketed.

Dior by Dior
By Christian Dior
Dive deep into the childhood of Christian Dior. This book takes you back to the 1950s in Normandy and how he got started in haute couture. He had a break through moment for his “New Look” of an hourglass silhouette dress and from then on people have been looking up to him ready to be in awe by his creations.

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Hyped Season

3 Styling Tips We Learned From the 2017 Pre-Fall Collections

3 Styling Tips We Learned From the 2017 Pre-Fall Collections

Pre-fall—the collection that hits racks between July and September—is generally the most wearable. These clothes have to be versatile (to accommodate the varying temps of those months), layer-able, and easy. We’ve also come to expect pre-fall to hand over accessible styling tricks we can apply to our IRL wardrobes. Here, see how Miu Miu, Versace, and more of fashion’s heavyweights are influencing the way we dress.

1. Over accessorize your hat. It’s too cold to even think of leaving the house with your head uncovered. If you want your beanie or your basque to be the highlight of your look, embellish it with patches, pins and brooches: you can go for a single large one, or for multiple ones: either way, you will look super cool.

2.Wear your little summer dresses. Yes, you heard me: rigorously dividing your closet into winter and summer clothes is so old school, anyway. Just go ahead and mix your items without taking season into account. Sure, you have to be mindful of the cold, but there’s a very home remedy for that, and it’s called “layers”. Turtlenecks work very well with any light dress, and a maxi coat and a woolen scarf will take care of the rest. Try it out!

3. Nevermind hems: ankle-length was the perfect length until last winter, but now, the time seems to have come for extralong pants. It might not be that convenient, especially if it rains, and you will basically have to wash your jeans every single time you wear them. Your mum will probably ask you if you need a hand bringing those pants to the tailor’s, if you are too busy… But fashionistas will know what you’re doing: basically, you will be übercool.

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